The Playpark is situated at the junction of Mill Lane and Frodingham Road. It was established in 1970's. Unfortunately, in recent years, it has suffered from vandalism. The Council ask that anyone seeing damage being done should contact the Clerk, Margaret Slattery Tel: 01964 542085

Some considerable repair work has been undertaken in the last couple of years and a regular maintenance programme has been planned.



The allotments are situated on Starcarr Lane, running alongside Heighholme Lane and were created in 2001. There are currently 5 full plots and 14 half plots. As full plots become vacant they will be offered as half plots to allow more tenants. The Parish Council paid for water to be piped to the allotments in 2011 and this is being repaid by the tenants over a 10 year period. The middle plots tended to flood at the far end in prolonged heavy rain. In 2013 the rent income was used to install drainage along two thirds of the length of the site and this has been a success.

The rents for 2016/17 are £25 per annum for a full plot and £15 for a half plot + water rates and recharge. Presently there is one vacant half plot. If you are interested in working the plot please contact the Clerk, Margaret Slattery Tel: 01964 542085